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Khazeena and Shehzeena are the daughters of Shah Sahab who is a religious and traditionalist man, these central characters are poles apart in personalities. Khazeena adheres to all the religious and cultural norms imposed by her traditionalist father, whereas Shehzeena is the rebel of the family. Khazeena is in love with her cousin, Taimoor, who lives with them. The love story of Khazeena and Taimoor is in the knowledge of Shah Sahib, but he plans to tie Shehzeena with Taimoor because of her bolshie attitude. Taimoor is hesitant to take a stand against the will of Shah Sahab because of the favors he has bestowed upon him. The other reason he does this is because he wants to keep the bloodline of the family pure. Khazeena is adopted. What would be the impact of his decision on the lives of Khazeena, Shehzeena and Taimoor? Will it create distance between the two sisters, or Shehzeena will turn out to be the right choice for Taimoor?
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