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Meri Bhabi Meri Saheli is a sad love story of two cousins, Fareeha and Saarim who are engaged since childhood. The parents of both the families never get along and the negativity has exacerbated since they have become neighbors. The protagonists are unable to tie the knot because the families have never practically accepted the relationship. Mehreen is Saarimís sister. She is conniving and totally undomesticated. She is emotionally involved with Fareehaís brother, Aaryan. Fareehaís mother Shabana does not want Mehreen as her daughter-in-law but Mehreenís mother Salama, out of pettiness and rivalry gets them married. Mehreen begins a new life with an objective to ruin Fareeha life. She is so jealous of the ideal reputation, which Fareeha possess in the family, that she makes a scandalous plan, which will questions Fareehaís morality. Fareeha gets married to Hammad, who is madly in love with her and comes from an affluent background. The extravagant house of Hammad aggravates Mehreenís jealousy, and she promises to create walls between Fareeha and her husband. Will Mehreen be able to ruin Fareehaís life? Will Fareeha emerge as a strong woman to counter Mehreenís conspiracies? Will Fareeha love her husband and will his love stand the test of time?
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